Sunday, 5 February 2017


Lodge Lane washhouse by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Interred me Mum’s ashes in me Dad’s grave, yesterday.

It was our Anthony’s suggestion 
Before the interment 
Let’s drive Mum around Liverpool 8 one last time 
Together we drove Mum through the Liverpool 8 Mum grew up in , worked in and lived in
Back then L8 was a Community
We drove past the WashHouse on Lodge Lane
Abandoned, demolished, grassed over, long gone 
Our Martha and me Mum went every week
In their wellies and aprons pushing a pram pilled high with our dirty washing
They’d spend the day scrubbing and washing amongst friends & neighbours
Chattering Gossiping Nattering 
The Wash House on Lodge Lane has gone 

The Community's gone

They’ve all got their washing machines now
They can’t chat to their washing machines 
They can’t gossip with a washing machines
They can’t natter to a washing machines

The Community’s gone 
.........but they’ve all got their washing machines

February 2nd 2017

Site of Lodge Lane Wash House Feb 2nd 2017

112 year History

Wash House Plaque now in Liverpool Museum
1878 August Lodge Lane Baths and Wash House opened.
1928 August Lodge Lane Wash House reconstructed and modernised.
1969 Lodge Lane Wash House modernised
1982 April Lodge Lane Wash House converted to minor sports hall.
1990 April 3rd Lodge Lane closed.

John Duvall March 2, 2016 at 12:30 pm (Facebook)
My granddad used to sell soap powder and keep an eye on the prams women brought their washing on at Lodge Lane. My dad was the stoker in the boiler house

Bath and Washhouse Historical Archive

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