Sunday, 12 December 2010

My Top Ten Netcasts*

Leo Laporte brings industry gurus together - different ones each week drawn from all sides and sexes of the Internet : VCs, Bloggers, CEOs, geeks, politicians, developers, lawyers, journalists......any and all (including the odd Brit) who are impacting the Net and how it develops. Although there is inevitably a strong US bias - net neutrality, the poor ATT network , the high cost of Internet access- nevertheless this is not to be missed as it without fail puts the weeks tech news into considered , informed focus.

A review of the week 's mobile news in the UK , not as dynamic as TWIT as it has the same two (well informed and witty) commentators each week but it has British focus so is always relevant. Always down to earth, practical and on the (mobile) money.

Another Netcast from Leo Laporte , the format is Leo talking to Windows expert, guru, most knowledgeable Windows guy in the world (!) Paul Thurott. A really good listen if only for the rapport between the two but also the deep insight that Paul has as to what 's going on in the world of Microsoft , for nothing else his Tip of The Week is worth listening to this excellent Netcast.

Leo Laporte talks to a Gina Tripani (developer) and Jeff Jarvis (prof of journalism and commentator) with the odd expert brought in from time to time about not just Google but the Cloud wants going on what going on , what's changing and why in the world of Cloud computing and and in the Googlesphere - listen out for the app and tip of the week always useful.

Hard to describe what this show is all about so, can only use it's own description - A podcast of interesting things - never fails to delight and entertain with odd , interesting , revealing views on life, times , science and politics in the UK.

If you want to know the hot issues right now on the web and have an informed view on them these are two great podcasts. Hard to pick them apart. Both great shows with informed, knowledgeable, engaging, witty presenters.

The Law and how it impacts the Web covers things like who owns your email, how to use a brand's name , copyright, privacy......always topical, very relevant.

A UK blending of TWIT and BOL formats which works well witty informed entertaining could do with being a bit more controversial and heavyweight.

If you have any spare money this show tells you how to use it to make more, informed, straight talking with a bit of wit.

*All available for free subscription from iTunes. I call them Netcasts not Podcasts as most are in dual format voice or video format. Podcast is too restrictive as soon many of these shows will be broadcast TV channels in their own right which are accessed via an app 24 by 7. - narrow casting to a specialist audience rather than the broadcasting to the masses. Have a look at the TWIT app on the iStore to see what's possible.

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  1. Delighted that you like the Pod Delusion! Hope you continue to enjoy the show!